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Commercial and residential roofing both acts as a primary defense on external elements such as winds, fire, heat, water, and dirt. However, the common distinction of commercial roofing that separates it from residential roofing is that it is expected to receive intensified pressure from internal and external factors. As discussed before, external factors can be those that are produced by natural occurrences such as storms, rainfalls, hails, snows, and summer heat. On the other hand, internal factors can be smoke and heat that is produced by heavy types of machinery and equipment, moisture, and many more. A commercial roof is primarily designed to withstand these damaging agents.

Observing commercial roofing, it usually has low slope characteristics. This is common because commercial establishments are usually built horizontally and not vertically. For instance, a warehouse that stores cars or motorcycles is built horizontally to fit these large units inside. Thus, the reason for horizontal housings and low slope roof. Other commercial establishments prefer completely flat roofs so that they can utilize the roof for other accessories and equipment. For instance, many office-based commercial buildings use the roofs to place the generators and the exhausts of the air-conditioning systems. They also use flat roofs to easily install windows that provide natural light which saves energy consumption during the daytime.

Many commercial businesses and organizations use roofs for maintenance. Because lands are expensive, they utilize the additional space provided by the rooftop. Thus, receiving irregular foot traffic compared to residential roofing. At this rate, your roof should be durable and can withstand not only natural elements but as well as support heavyweights.

Commercial roofs are designed and made specifically for their purpose. It can come in various forms. From TPO roofing, flat roofing, low slope roofing, to shingle commercial roofing, these designs are made for different purposes and functionalities.

Our Roofing Systems & Applications

TPO Roofing (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) Pinellas County

TPO is popular for its flexibility and durability. TPO is a single-ply membrane that is made out of rubber. It uses both polypropylene and ethylene-propylene to create a composition that is thin but can withstand harsh weather conditions. TPO is commonly used in slow slope and flat roofs. It usually comes in various color schemes that function as a reflective coating to reduce heat. The most popular amongst the available color is white because it is the most effective in reducing heat. TPO also has its ultraviolet resistant capability which makes fading less likely to happen. Compared to other materials, its maintenance is less costly and should last for years.

Flat Roof Pinellas County

Pinellas Roofing Solutions specializes in flat roofs. Most commercial roofing Pinellas County has does not offer flat roofs because new construction roofing of flat roofs is complex and requires a certain level of experience. Inexperienced roofer building a flat roof has a higher tendency of building a substandard flat roof resulting to water puddle, lack of drainage system, fading. With such quality of output, the roof will be subjected to a lot of damage that will cause deterioration. Hence, repairs are more often and there may be a possibility of re-roofing which is very costly for the owner of the establishment. As much as possible, this should be avoided to minimize the business effect on its ability to operate seamlessly.

EPDM Roofing (rubber roofing) Pinellas County

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or commonly called EPDM is a synthetic rubber used for roofing applications. It is preferred by most business owners because of its extreme durability. Usually, the material is offered in widths ranging from 8 feet to fifty feet long, and thickness ranging from 50 to 60 mils. More so, EPDM is installed in full adhesion or mechanical attachments.

Shingle Commercial Roofing Pinellas County

While it is most commonly used in residential units, shingle roofing is also utilized in commercial most especially for steep slope commercial roofing. There are many materials used for shingle roofing applications. The most common is slate, metal, and ceramic. However, wood, plastic, and asphalt are also utilized. Shingle roofing is applied to commercial establishments such as restaurants and cafés. Shingle roofing can come in various colors and styles. There is also shingle roofing that is resilient enough to withstand a hailstorm. More so, because it is installed tile per tile, it is easier to spot broken tiles that are repairable.   

Tile Commercial Roofing Pinellas County

Tile roofing application is best known and applied for residential units. However, in the last few years, with most businesses considering aesthetics and style, tile commercial roofing was born. Other than providing elegance, tile commercial roofing application is expected to be durable. Traditional tile roofing materials are made out of clay or other terra cotta product. However, the utility of concrete is being used today to offer more strength and adaptability.

Our Other Commercial Roofing Services

One of the most common needs of commercial establishments other than roofing expertise is commercial roof repair and commercial roof replacement. It is not guaranteed for a bigger size of the establishment to be damage proof in times of calamities and natural disasters. Most often than not, these buildings are more susceptible to damage. Our experts in Pinellas Roofing Solutions offer storm damage inspections Pinellas County.

Our organization is one of the leading commercial roofing contractors offering the most competitive pricing package that fits your requirement and budget. It is in our organization’s commitment to serving our customers regardless of the size of the project. We believe that our roofing expertise is very critical to both residential and commercial clients. Together with our expert roofers and commercial roofing contractors, we acknowledge the vitality of roofing solutions to bring better living conditions. And we intend to serve as many customers as we can to achieve this goal. That is why we have created industry-competitive packages that are budget-friendly without compromising the quality of work. Our portfolio proves our value and we let our projects speak for our business. With years of experience, numerous training and certifications received, and our daily commitment to our work, Pinellas Roofing Solutions’ expert roofers are always available to whatever roofing requirement you may have.

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