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Elegant style, fire and water-resistant, lightweight, and excellent performance that could last up to 5 decades are just a few advantages of metal roofing. Residential commonly use metal roofing as its tough characteristics. More so, while structural foundations are present to support the weight of the roofs, metal roofing is one of the lightest materials out there. Thus, it gives a small amount of weight pressure on the foundations. Using a light roofing material can have its benefits. For one, it allows the integral foundations of the building or the establishment to maintain its promised lifespan because of minimal weight passed on to it by its roof. Second, it allows more room for any supplemental additions for any house upgrades and improvements. Metal roofs have high ROI for their high-performance capability. It increases the value of the property as well because of its high adaptability characteristics and wind and fire resistance.

What are the benefits of using Metal Roofs in Pinellas County?

Lasts of up to 5 decades

Metal roofs are one of the most durable roofing materials. Its steel material has the best resistance from wind, heat, and water which are the common natural elements that cause roof deterioration. For properly installed metal roofs that are interlocked with each other, its performance can last up to 5 decades assuming that it is maintained properly. In addition to maintaining it, clearing it with water to avoid the buildup of dirt and soil should be done. Despite having a roof poorly maintained, it could still last for up to a couple of decades given that there will be no hurricanes and a prolonged storm that will hit it.  

Resistant on fires

Given its composition, metal roofs are fire-resistant. Its high capability to take up extremely high temperatures without melting or burning can be its one advantage. Hence, having a metal roof saves you from worrying that your roof may burn given an intense temperature. That is why most factories that use or produce a lot of heat opt for a metal roof because it gives them the leverage in controlling the heat, and maintaining a cooler atmosphere inside the establishment. It is also resistant to exterior fires made by embers or even airborne sparks from thunderstorms. During small fires and airborne sparks, the roof remains neutral and will not react instantaneously.

Saves energy

Metal roofing uses a reflective coating that reflects the UV rays of the sun and its temperature back to the atmosphere. Instead of taking up and storing the heat that is coming from the sun, thermal breaks help in keeping the heat out of the metal roofs. This in turn maintains the cool temperature of the roof which should contribute to the overall cool temperature of the entire building. This energy-saving device or mechanism is said to reduce the energy consumption of cooling devices by up to 30% or more.

Stylish and modern designs

The stylish contemporary styles of new roof designs give a lasting distinction of your home. While traditional roofing styles are rather boring and do not add up personality, many manufacturers have designed metal roofs with contemporary considerations. This innovation adds up to the value of your home.


Lightweight roofs decrease tensions and pressure on the structures of your home. It also minimally contributes to structural movement during high and intensified winds. Unlike other heavyweight roofing systems, metal roofs are able to help maintain the structural integrity of the building by avoiding any damage given its light material. Metal roofs offer the least weight for residential buildings and houses. More so, metal roofs can be installed on top of a roof of another material, decreasing waste generation.

Offers interlocking panels for wind protection

Interlocking panels are made to increase durability, flexibility, adaptability to external elements such as winds. Metal roofs with interlocking panels are in a form of sheets that perfectly fit with each other so that one may be placed on top of the other. This in turn will be interlocked with a locking mechanism or basic roof nails.

Fading and chalking resistance

Quality coatings of metal roofs increase its adaptability to any weather. While other metal roofs fade in just about three years, metal roofs with high-quality coatings can resist fading of their coatings for up to a decade. Despite having it exposed to various elements such as wind, heat, dirt, and water, the thick and antibacterial smooth coating will act as a defense mechanism separating the metal roof from dirt. Once water is applied, dirt and residue will easily be washed away leaving the roof clean and neat.

Why Choose a Metal Roof in Pinellas County?

The best budget-friendly roof system is a standing seam metal roof and aluminum roofing. Experts in Pinellas Roofing Solution have been trusting these metal roofs and preferred them in their homes as well. The reason is that it is economic, or it is budget-friendly, and it is durable and adaptable to any weather conditions. The metal roof cost will just be about half of any roof costing using other roofing systems. Given its characteristics and its advantages as we have discussed above, that is definitely value for money!

Metal roofing Pinellas County is so widely used because of the harsh environment and climate. It is ideal for any residential or commercial establishment to use metal roofs because of their climate-proof feature. Its high resistance against heat and wind increases its functional value over time. Our experts have installed over a hundred metal roofs and maintained them for years.

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Invest now in a metal roofing system and see the difference in just a couple of years. More so, applying for insurance for your home can be easier with wind and fire-resistant roofing system like a metal roof. Thus, making it easier to secure your home. In addition, insurance cost is much lesser with these features. Having such an advantage can offer life-changing and critical benefits that most residential units do not have.

Whether you require a slate roof, TPO roofing, asphalt shingle roof, metal roof, tile roof, flat roof, low-slope roofing, or shingle roofing, we are equipped to serve you!

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