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Thermoplastic Polyolefin or most commonly referred to as TPO is commonly applied in flat roofs and low slope roofs. This type of roofing application is known for many of its benefits. Businesses with large horizontal establishments prefer TPO roofing because it is economical, and it tops in the performance department. Because TPO is made out of an elastic combination of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubbers, its property is durable and flexible. Most of the business opts for TPO roofing system because of two things: 1) it is low cost; and 2) energy cost-efficiency. Thus, giving business owners the advantage in keeping the expenses and maintenance low.

TPO Roofing is easy to install because it does not follow the regular roof installation where membranes are fixed on the roofs. In using TPO roofing, a certain membrane is rolled out to cover the roof. Once fitted on the roof’s floor, a hot-air gun is used to fix the seams of the sheets with each other.

TPO Roofing system is considered the latest innovation in the commercial roofing industry. With its benefits and advantages, it receives a considerable amount of praise. It is now known as the fastest-growing roofing application as well. Businesses, regardless of their size typically consider the TPO roofing system.

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Why Businesses Prefer TPO Roofing in Pinellas County?

With a lifespan of 30 years, a TPO roofing system can be one of the most economical roofing systems. The materials used are much cheaper compared to other roofing systems and materials. However, despite having its low-cost value, its quality is never compromised. More so, one of the reasons why business owners prefer TPO roofing system is because of its various advantage. It has a remarkable resistant mechanism against ultraviolet rays and chemical exposures.

Typically, TPO sheets use white color to effectively reflect the punishing sun rays back to the atmosphere. The white or light color contributes to its cooling system. Thus, making it heat-reflective and helps to cool your establishment effectively. Opting to use TPO roofing will help your company to consume less energy with the substantially minimal use of air-conditioning systems especially during summer.

TPO roofs also have its reputation for being a low-maintenance roofing system as it is less likely to attract the growth of algae or fungus. Because of its rubber property, a small amount of water can get any dirt, organic deposits, or any living organism off the surface. TPO roofs do not require water pressure washing. It just simply needs a normal splash of water with a small amount of soap to clean up the dirt. However, it only requires minor cleaning at least once a month depending on the climate conditions in your area. TPO roof is the best roofing system for all busy business owners.

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Why TPO Roofing is Best in Florida?

One of the first considerations when choosing a roofing system is the climate and the weather. While there are many roofing systems available in the market, one that stands out when it comes to extreme weather and climate condition is TPO roofing.

We know that Florida’s heat can be punishing for your roof. A poorly constructed and installed roofing system will cause a lot of problems as early as six months to a year. Despite having the best quality of materials being used for your roof, it is important for your roofers to properly install and fix it onto your roof deck. Failing to do so, you may experience some of the common problems such as water leakage, clogging, water puddling, rusting, cracks, holes, and many more. Monthly maintenance due to poor construction and installation will cost you triple the price than a regularly and properly installed roof.

Florida’s typical daytime climate can be hot and humid. With little moisture in the air, anything that is exposed to the sun may dry up and become crisp and brittle. In addition, there is an average of one to two hurricanes to landfall in Florida. That is because Florida has a very huge coastline that spans up to 1,350 miles. This coastline is exposed to the vast ocean of the Atlantic. As such, hurricanes are most likely to form during bad weather.

Having an establishment in this hostile environment, one must make sure to use the best roofing option that can hold up the climate’s wrath. TPO roofs are one best option because of how it works. It is good in deflecting heat from the sun during the daytime and in the summer season making the establishment much cooler. More so, TPO roof is less likely to be blown away by strong winds because it is fixed firmly.

Having a flat roof reinforced by TPO roofing system, your building does not only increase its aesthetic value but its functionality during harsh weather conditions. Plus, the roof can also be utilized for other utilities such as a stock room or ventilation hubs. 

Pinellas Roofing Solutions is a one-stop-shop for your roofing needs. We specialized in many roofing system installations, roof replacement, roof leak repair, tile roof repair, and roof inspections. Our experts are also trained to install the best TPO roofing system for your roofing needs both residential and commercial.

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